Had a fun time live streaming on twitch for Pokemon Go PvP Go Battle League! We learned a lot and had some awesome battles in the Ultra League!
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  1. I’m currently 350 battles in, with 230 Wins, and 12 as longest streak. Some of my losses just came from experimenting as I do not have any one to practice with. I’ve gotten comfortable with using for Ultra L: Giratina (SC/AP) Togekiss (C/AP-F) Poliwrath (MS/DP-IP) average out at 4/5 wins per session sometimes go 5/5 and sometimes go 3/5 but never anything less. Super consistent.

  2. thanks for the video!! I'm wondering my giratina should go with dragon breath or shadow claw ??? my team don't have a good answer to giratina so maybe dragon breath is better???

  3. Really trying to get some fast moves as I want snarl for my alolan muk … thanks again by watching your videos I learn so much .I am a total noob never really had chance to battle before this league came…so thanks again.
    Ultra 5 lost total till now

  4. Hi ZyoniK,
    first and foremost, let me thank you for the awesome guides for PVP and other fun content. I'd never played PVP before the start of the Great League but your videos (to be fair, not only yours but also FPSticks's, FLWvideos's, JFarmakis's and Caleb Peng's) allowed me to learn and get to rank 9 pretty fast. And what's even better, enjoy every moment of it. It has been so much fun! I still need to learn a lot and get a better knowledge of the Pokemon that are off-meta, but I know it will come if I keep training.

    But here's for the request: I feel that I really lack the knowledge of the moves with buff/debuff. What I know about them I've figured out just by observation, but a lot of questions remain. Say, Ancient Power. You all use it hoping for the buff that will increase your damage. But how much does it increase? And how long does the buff lasts? Or another example: I use Entei for Team Rocket. He uses Overheat which hits like a punch from Muhammad Ali but after that Entei gets a debuff and becomes trash.

    So, could I humbly request a video guide of Pokemon Go skills with buff or debuff? That would be totally awesome and help us new pvp'ers understand the game better. But if it's not your cup of tea, I completely understand! In any case, thank you so much again for the knowledge and fun! Me and my husband laughed our bums off at "Where's my Giratina" moment and it was beyond awesome how you managed to win that match anyway!

  5. I’m sucking so bad at ultra, just don’t have any decent Pokémon to counter the big bois. Rippy ranking! I just hope they’ll not bring in master league later 😭

  6. Ragequit on UL the other night because my would-be 5-0 got turned into a 1-4 when I lost 3 straight games to lag and then a 1st try AP boost from a Giratina. But today I vindicated myself with 5-0, not using Giratina and needing only 2 Pokemon for half those games.
    Outside of nearly every team having Giratina, Swampert, or both, I like UL open meta a lot more than GL open meta. There's a lot more room for creative options if you go outside of the Big 3 (Giratina, Registeel, Swampert). If I had the dust, I'd try my epic Ursaring out.

  7. My team is Venusaur Frenzy/Sludge, Empoleon Hydro Cannon/Flash Cannon and Typhlosion Overheat/Solar Beam. I’ve played around 60 matches in the ultra league and I’ve only lost a handful. Everybody falls for Solar Beam by using water types and not blocking lol. I’ve taken down just about everyone though. Currently at 1987 and rising…

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