Latios Deep Dive: How Good Is It In Pokemon Go?

Latios Deep Dive: How Good Is It In Pokemon Go?
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  1. Latios rakes in master league. If you get your opponent to use up their shields and bring latios in after it's pretty much game over for them 9 times out of 10. It attacks so fast and builds it's charge attack about as fast as you use it

  2. 44 Latios raids this week, 0 shiny. Lol. Did get a 100 IV though which was cool. I'd use it for PVP, but unfortunately where I live he was weather boosted almost all week.

    Will just keep my 100 IV as is and be happy with that. Only my 3rd 100IV legendary.

  3. got 2 shinys so far so stoked. great content everytime thx. would like some new friends if anyone wants consistent trading of gifts please add me 0775 0144 4946 and 5356 3532 3929 thx again your channel rocks

  4. I got a 91 (11atk) shiny and a 98% latios so basically i try to get another shiny and stop afterwards. A lucky friend of mine want to shiny trade it so we can get a lucky. And a lucky shiny is worth to Power up. Even with salamence in game.

  5. I think the best use for Latios is to take town gyms, and i don't regret maxing one out. It does very good, especially against full gyms with low motivation. Also pretty useful in PvP.

  6. 15 raids in and finally got a shiny Latios. It would have been better if both Latios and Latias got their signature moves, but we'll see what Niantic does in the future for them.

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