KING OF ASPHALT 9 IN FORZA!? Bugatti Chiron (S2 Rank 998) Multiplayer in Forza Horizon 4

I test the Bugatti Chiron in Forza Horizon 4 in a variety of ways. Let me know what cars you want me to test next! Enjoy 😀

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  1. OMG!! I'm the maker of this Bugatti decal in FH4. Huge thanks for sharing my work!!
    It's my first try making this decal in FH4 just because I'm a BIG fan of Forza & Asphalt. BTW I had made the A9 Koenigsegg Regera decal in FH4 and hope u can have a try.
    THX again and look forward to meeting u in A9 mutilplayer lol

  2. If you think you can customize everything here then you haven't played nfs 2015 there probably isnt a thing you cant customize to your own liking you can customize and tone your car to the point of perfection

  3. Ok so shut up about customizing it's sucks you cant put a widebody on a koenigsegg or take of a hood or bumper or paint the calipers or have white walls like everyone wants that's forzas bad point

  4. asphalt 9 is the world's best game in racing and Forza is 2nd best game asphalt 9 is action arcade game fora is only action there is no Nitro available in Forza damn

  5. cars to try out:
    Daytona coupe (a800)
    mt900s (s2 998)
    boneshaker (a800)
    1997 civic (a800)
    F1 gt (s2 998)
    918 Spyder (s2 987, my own tune, Just decent)
    Viper acr (s1 900)

  6. These weekly Challenges with which you Can win Cars (Festival Playlist) is something you should do since These Cars are Cars that you Can only obtain through those Challenges Or rarely through The Auction House. You cant but them with ingame money

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