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  1. At 12:33 I got so paranoid hearing "you're being aimed at" Wraith passive ability seriously makes me paranoid just like the character, last thing I need to hear is some "thing" telling me my head about to be blown off.

  2. Hey Keph – what is your sens in Apex?
    I have the same in OW as you 400DPI and 8 sens – can't seem to get it right in Apex, so it's close to the same.

  3. you know you get less clicks when you write "Kephrii" tries Apex Legends. I know thats you when i see a Video of you. And why do you write yourself with double ii when evryone knows you as Kephri. Seems like you want get focused on you. Im german with bad english but maybe you understand what im trying to say. I think you get much more Clicks when you just write " I tried Apex Legends or Trying apex legends" or something in the Title. Everytime you start your Video Title with "Kephrii" it looks like you think you are one of the top best in world and everyone should know you that you think that with a big ego of yourself. I just want to say what nobody says cause you deserve way more clicks your videos and gameplay are very entertaining. I know you long and like every video from you.

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