I hired a Pro Apex Legends Coach on Fiverr and pretended to be a Beginner Bangalore/Wraith

So I hired a pro apex legends coach on fiverr and pretended to be a complete beginner, then I suddenly started playing my best to see his reaction :D. With “pro” I mean he coached professional csgo teams according to his fiverr.

Coach’s fiverr page:




  1. Damn I'm so bad at this game so far I get only 6 kills per game and when we they are a few squads left I figure out that I don't have ammo all the time. Last match I was soloing 2 squads didn't have my teammates cuz dead and I got no ammo XD was trying to kill them with my fist but I failed

  2. This guy is a legend! he didn't over estimate his own abilities, he was really knowledgeable, he never told you to do something you shouldn't, he gave overall really good advice, and when he realized that there wasn't anything else he could teach you he just admitted it.

  3. Honestly… He's a great coach! He went through every lesson I had to learn the hard way! He took his time, show you where you went wrong, and he was right on with all of his advice! Worth it in my opinion, If I didn't have social anxiety I'd love to play with a coach. ?

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