I Got Banned on Fortnite Save The World!

I Got Banned on Fortnite Save The World after getting Hacked as the Hacker decided to start Scamming!

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  1. LMAO get to 2k likes and he will make a "how to get stw free" video and its still 800 away but he makes one anyway.. ive watched like 2 of your videos and your complete garbage. you cant make a proper trap tunnel, you build way too slow and excessively. you cant even craft 106 anything and rely on higher levels to get them.. you wonder why you got hacked.. hmmm maybe its becuase you dont make legitimate videos??? all you ever post is scam videos wich no one cares about, you do give aways and never follow through, its not such a wonder as to why you were hacked now is it?

  2. So ur trying g to tell us that some rancom guy went to the trouble of hacking ur account and playing ur game and went around scamming people. Hmmmmmm i smell shite………yup definitely bullshit

  3. I liked and subbed and I think I should win because I recently started save the world and barley have any guns.
    And my gamertag is Darkshadowwar 1 on Xbox and I to would recommend double protection

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