How to use FGL PRO for Pokemon GO! (February 2019)


A Compact video on how to spoof safely on android with the latest pokemon go update and google play services update, with every fix every tip and every hack required for you to spoof in this video. The 100% Safe Pokemon go spoofing hack for ANDROID. Ever wanted to spoof in pokemon go?

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Well now you can with FGL PRO, simply download the app
on the play store and it will work, this video is a guide on how to use…


  1. Dude can you tell me how to sign in to pokemon go after uninstalling updates of google play store on android 8.1? I can uninstall them updates to 12.2.86 but Pokemon Go doesn't sign in anymore after doing that.

  2. for truly working spoofing method you need your phone to be rooted and you need the Pokemon go app not to detect te root. and move spoofapp the system app, if someone can tell me how this works,. the that's the best method

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