How to Optimize Your Mac for Fortnite!

In this video, I show you guys the best method I’ve found to optimize your iMac/computer for gaming! This video is specific for Fortnite but you can apply these steps to any game you want!

Video Links:
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  1. Yo Klein when I did this tutorial, I followed all the steps and all. After this I launched fornite and now my fortnite saying that “map specified on the command line ‘/Game/Maps/Frontend’ could not be found p. Exiting.” I wonder if u can help me with this problem since I can’t find a video nor can’t fix it

  2. My Mac is the ideal Mac you want, it has literally nothing on it, and I've optimised it as best I can for fortnite, but still I can't play Arena endgames at 270 points. I drop down to like 5 FPS and even if I'm sitting still, the game just freezes, and when it finally settles im dead to storm.
    For some reason its been happening in endgame pubs quite often now swell 🙁 Becoming unplayable. Capped at 60 FPS but I can barely reach that

  3. Is anyone else getting horrendous screen freeze and stuttering last two updates? I have a 2017 4K iMac (8gb, i5 processor) which, in theory, should run really well but, in late game, I’ve had over 5seconds of screen freeze recently. Could this be from large photo/video storage I have in Lightroom/Premiere Pro?

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