How to Install ANY APP on Tencent's Gaming Buddy | Official PUBG Mobile PC Emulator

I’m sorry for the audio peaking issues in this video – My washing machine was on, so I talked louder than normal and peaked the mic accidently…oops

Today I show you the easiest way to install ANY Android app onto Tencent’s Gaming Buddy emulator. Obviously you WILL need to setup keybinds for whatever game you want to play, however, the emulator works well!! I can play the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile Lightspeed with no trouble, and other apps work well too!

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  1. Bro I downloded NOVA from that browser and then I installed it but after few minutes it troubled my pc and pc had error and it restarted so which means some games or apps destroys other game

  2. after press f9 desktop showing then when i open browser it's automatically closed. i tried so many time to open browser to download es file manager but browser closed automatically every time. pleas help

  3. I have a problem with the emulator, I could not move with the keys and I can only do it with the mouse, I can not shoot or set my sights because everything, absolutely everything has to be done with the mouse, any advice?

  4. Stay away from this method. Installed a game and it crashed TGB and froze the computer. I had to force shut down and when I turned on my PC back, the new game along with all the other existing games including PUBG was gone. TGB uses a pretty old version of Android and it is purely designed for PUBG. By this method, maybe it can install small stupid programs like hacker keyboard that can run on old versions of Android but if you install a heavy game you risk your existing games along with your windows. So stay away

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