HOW TO GET SHINY POKEMON IN POKEMON GO! My Shiny Collection and Favorite Shiny Pokemon!

Today I’m showing you my collection of 161 shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go! Learn how to get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go! In this video I show you my top 15 favorite shinies I’ve caught in Pokemon Go and how I got them!

How many shiny Pokemon have you caught in Pokemon Go? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. We don't have seasons here in Hawaii so our Pokemon are pretty well random. Most the time, water Pokemon don't even spawn as much as others near the ocean. Very odd…

  2. I am convinced that Niantic is conspiring against me I only have 2 shinies and whenever I play with someone else, they usually catch one while I'm with them. Very discouraging

  3. So many people don’t have shiny kabuto but I was so lucky during the rock event from 2018 I didn’t even know there was a shiny for him then I accidentally clicked on him while playing and he was shiny and I was like holy shit!!!

  4. Shiny pokemon frustrate me. Ive been playing 2 years now and i have like 98 shinies. Ive never hatched a shiny. Ive never gotten a research shiny. Ive only got 2 raid boss shinies. My shiny luck SUCKS!

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