How to get into VIKENDI CAVE Part 2 | PUBG News Day9 #7

Discovery of how to get into the cave and two airdrops spawns in it in the cave in vikendi.
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Credits & Help:
@bizzfarts for finding out the destructible walls


Days Like These – Lakey Inspired


  1. For those who are curious about where this is located (East of Podvosto), I made an "Episode 1" for when we first discovered the cave ( where I showed a little bit more on where it's on the map and how it looks in the replay. I didn't expect this many 'new viewers' to even see this because of the Reddit posts and streamers finding this out just recently. So please excuse me for that.

  2. You know whats funny man? After your video people are running like crazy to this location and trying to brake the cave entrance. I tried to stop them because its not available on live servers yet. i carried a shotgun and shot everyone that got close to that damn cave :p

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