How To Get Better Aim in Apex Legends on Console! (Recoil Control Tips)

In today’s video, I’ll be showing you guys How To Get Better Aim in Apex Legends on Console! These Recoil Control Tips will help you understand how much to pull down on your analog stick. This video also features a Hand-cam so you guys can see how I hold my controller since I have a scuf with paddles and I also play claw when I’m looting. This video will for sure help improve your aim, and help you aim better in apex legends ps4 or xbox one. Both consoles play very similar in terms of recoil…


  1. I have a question sooo I can’t get a elite control yet and like I change my left stick to Crouch and the right stick jump do you think that a good layout or do you think there a different one I should you?

  2. I use an elite controller settings I have run by default on. My left stick click is my y. With my 4 paddles top left is my b, bottom left is my healing, top right paddle is a and bottom is x. If anyone is new to an elite controller try it out.

  3. Hey Sultan, random question, inside of the "Apex YouTuber Community" how big is Stay? I've been watching him since 2k subs and would like to know becuase i see lots of Apex YouTubers talk about him.
    +Subbed to the channel, great content Sultan keep it up!!!

  4. My favorite gun is a wingman and I’m very good with it I also make my shots count my main is bloodhound almost got 6k kills with him but it took a lot of hard work and wasn’t easy 😞

  5. I just pull back the right stick when shooting also using 2x h cog is great with heavy and energy, it makes the enemy bigger easy to aim, also hip fire while moving in close fights.

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