How to datamine fortnite, working 2018! – Fortnite Datamining Tutorial! (New skins, gliders, etc)

In this video, I go over how to datamine fortnite!

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Umodel: (Update: Instead of choosing 4.19 choose 4.20)


  1. When i open a mesh it says "Fatal error LoadObject:Skeleton'M_MED_Venus_01_Skeleton.M_MED_Venus_01_Skeleton', pos=3E3A, ver=516/0 (unversioned), game=ue4.20 <- UObject::EndLoad <- CUmodelApp::ShowPackageUI <- Main:umodel_build=859"

  2. When I click umodel it says it can harm my laptop, my laptop is new and I don’t want birthing bad to happen to it. Why is it saying this? Please someone answer

  3. COMMON QUESTIONS IN DATAMINING:1, What is the season 6 AES key: it is : 0xD99660BBE70346E5BBEC944E0921051408B41CCB753F0CFA945A0F941C333E3B, you can also find the updates on the key, in the discord server linked in the description

    Number 2:… I try to go to: C:Program FilesEpic Games, But there isn't anything inside:… just go to: C:Program Filesfnbr

    Number 3, File exports from Umodel: Thumbnail of content inside isn't showing up even when PAINT.NET is installed: this ones quite long : , Open up control panel, type in files in the search bar, select file explorer options, Click the VIEW tab at the top of the popup window, UNCHECK: Always show Icons, never thumbnails, which is at the top near: advanced settings……. HOPE THIS HELPED <3

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