how to BUNNY HOP on XBOX / PS4! (running and healing tutorial) Apex Legends

outro song! convolk – Drink 182

in this video I explain how to do the bunny hop easy on console! just change some settings around and its really super easy!


  1. Btw this is not bhop lol.. u get it in the beginning but u stop because of no momentum.. you should be able to do bhop infinitely.. it is possible if u strafe while bhoping… You could go on forever bhop. Non what your doing lol. I play on console btw… Claw so i do it on default with hold crouch

  2. these are the steps i use and its much faster
    1.Hold Slide for 1 sec
    2.Press Heal
    4.Jump every time your foot hits the ground
    5: then you have to look right or left if you wanna look right with both joysticks and to go left with both joysticks I recommend the ninja or evolved settings for this

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