How Fortnite Totally Rips PUBG Off

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In early 2017, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds from Bluehole Entertainment seemingly came out of nowhere to become the most popular game in the world. But later that very same year, Fortnite’s new Battle Royale mode arrived, helping it topple PUBG to claim the title of the hottest game on Earth. One problem, though: most people, including Bluehole, think Fortnite stole everything from PUBG. So did they? Or is this just a case of…


  1. 1: that is literally what battle Royale is, point is stupid
    2:almost every battle Royale game has a pregame section, point stupid
    3: same as last 2
    4:I guess it’s okay..still an eh point
    5: that’s still every battle royal
    6if that wasn’t a game mode people would complain about not being to play with their friends
    7 that’s not how vbucks work, at least play the game
    So you all are idiots

  2. Do your research first, don't just pump out videos of whatever garbage you heard on twitter. This video is completely inaccurate, all of these BR elements have earlier use in games earlier than pubg – the BR game mode has a long history, look back at h1z1, arma mods, minecraft mods, etc.

  3. You slipped up with this vid, all the elements you claim are 'copied' are bullshit. Fortnite is more popular, because they didn't a better job, the games more unique and the devs actually release updates instead of sucking each other in a court room. Cmon guys back to normal content plz

  4. The lawsuit was called off today, PUBG corp has yet to explain why, probably because the "copyright infringement" claim was just a poor attempt to try and hurt their competition

  5. REALLY sick of people acting like PUBG invented the genre and therefore have ownership over it. ARMA, H1Z1, The effing MOVIE all predate PUBG. They executed well and deserve their success. To be so bold as to think you OWN a genre though? Such ego is only bad for the industry.

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