Hidden Apex Legends Easter Eggs in Season 3

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In this video I cover all the new hidden easter eggs on the Season 3 Apex Legends Map!



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  1. I have a theory hear me out since u cant interact with this maybe it's a after game badge there is another three dogs badge that has a silhouette of these dogs 'win a game with a full premade squad' so since this has a dog in each vault maybe the badge is as such 'WITH A FULL PREMADE SQUAD WIN A GAME WERE EACH TEAMMATE OPENS AND LOOTS A VAULT' I'm testing it today on Xbox my gamertag OPS DEADSHOT dm me if you read this and want to try with me.

  2. Sethly i found an easter egg in the new firing range but i dont know what it means. if u spawn in as a pathfinder, go to take the zipline up to the tower on the right and then zipline to the tower to the left from there, u will see an outstanding platform along the left rock wall that is only accessible with pathfinder's placeable zipline. on that platform there are three little dinosaur/turtle doll seeming to flock towards a significantly larger dinosaur/turtle doll. i thought maybe this is one of the leviathans that roamed around kings canyon last season but there are two nearby that confirmed that these little adorable monsters are not at all the shape of the leviathans. I dont know what this easter egg means but i do want to know. thank you for listening.

  3. Hi Sethly and Everyone?. I found a new Easter egg for the new Japanese Legend accidently ?I already upload it on my channel so check it out. I just need a little help to translate it since its japanese text. I will try my best to find more of it.
    Psn: AcePilot_klied11
    Twitter: FerryMackie

  4. He was a captain, not a mentor. This went much deeper in Titanfall |2 – developers' relatives/families are in portraits throughout the game and maps. They even added a banner for a YouTuber (that made Titanfall |2 videos) whose dog died – in the dogs' honor.

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