FortNite vs Apex Legends RAP BATTLE ft. PUBG – RAP BATTLE ROYALE

Battle Royale Rap Battle between Fortnite and Apex Legends ft. PubG. Who wins?

Fortnite Cuddle Team Crew:
Annie Miao: @50shadesofpink
Mai Tommy: @maitommy_36
LoLKattt: @LoLKattt

Allie Treloar:
Nick Meier: @zhu92
Russell Loveridge

Apex Legends Hype Crew
Martin Cochingco: @e.martincochingco
Nick Meier: @zhu92
Allie Treloar:
Gabby Moukhaiber: @cheeky_alpaca
Brendin Evans: @brendinevans
Jimmitry Utile…


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