Fortnite Update 6.02 Patch Notes | Fortnite Skull Trooper Back & More!

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  1. Sry iam mad at Epic, thats the 3 Patch and they still dont Fix the Bugs in the Game .
    Heal Gadget Revive – Dont work .
    There is a Editing bug when you edit a structure and you have for example the wall it put down a Ramp .
    And there are a few others, like the new Weapons have problems with their Statistic.
    I Report the bugs to epic, i write it in a Forum, i dont know what to do ^^
    All what i see is Battle Royale and more Battle Royale, when epic have a Bug in BR they fix it in hours.
    The Question is why, my opinion "Money"
    Iam think to break with this game. I play since Day 1 and it make me mad to see what the company do with my money and my Game. Yeah i know what Early Acces is, il read before i buy something ..
    But that is not the right way Epic . .

  2. Hey how are you?
    I need your help am an xbox player and switch,after cross play was enable i have been having performance issue playing with my ps4 buddies.
    have you heard anything about this?
    I want

  3. Am i unlucky or what i had the noble laucher AND the oblitirater AND the pulverizer. Looking for that disintegrater tho cuz helium shotgun is BÆ and it is basically an aoe version of that. Btw i will be supporting you on the support the creater event!

  4. The new Skull troopers are SIIICK! I've never been a fan of Skull Trooper Jonesy, but for the price of the vbucks, you get 2 skin options ( 1 glows!). The pickaxe and glider also let you choose between having a blue or green glow to them. I was saaving up my vbucks, now I'm sitting here wondering if I reallly need to collect the whole set, because damn they all look so great.

  5. I'm so tired of having to deal with 10GB downloads, hours of waiting with my slow internet, just to download a bunch of trash for a shitty game mode that has nothing to do with the whole reason I bought the game. This battle royale plague is disgusting and ruins my stw experience update after update. I know damne well it doesn't take 10 GB to add 2 old weapons…. while battle royals gets a ton of new content every day and a half. The main reason this game even exists gets the shit end of the stick at every turn and anyone who thinks its equal or fair is just some faggy little optimist with no valid opinion

  6. I managed to get both from the birthday llamas so hopefully this week I will be able to buy all the perk ups! I’m spending gold faster than I can get it trying to upgrade my guns and traps.

  7. Epic, them sly dogs. I literally begged for a disintegrator return in most of my videos as well as in a post during the bday llamas. Either theyre doing this hecause this is literally the most hardest hitting and uniquely different shotgun in the entirety of the game. (Come om, AoE Burst with the range of an assualt rifle shot with no damage fall off and the hitting power of a rocket launcher… totally not OP.) Or theyre doing this because i begged it out of them.

  8. Disintegrator is back! ?? It is my absolute favorite shotgun and I will definitely be picking up a third one.

    It's basically a shotgun that works like a weaker rocket launcher. What's not to love?

  9. i am so disappointed with epic games. i have been playing and streaming save the world for a long time and am tired of feeling like we are always thrown to the curb . Battle Royale has already got halloween heros and items, but once again we have nothing but 'old' weapons. we have to wait another two weeks before our halloween event and heros are given to us.. i call BS epic on this..

  10. So part of me wishes weapons do come back so that other players get the chance to get them but the other part i wish epic would release new weapons and content for the players who've already obtain these items on the past.

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