1. It’s a solid update in my opinion. What could have been done better is that the energy cell ammo weapons should not set off propane’s as a whole. And look at how more powerful and useful the zap zap is now! And I said yesterday that they should focus more on the newer players and now they are going to improve every zone… it started with twine and now they are focused on canny. They game is heading in a solid direction but people will always complain about wanting more and more new content when the focus should be on is the game fun for me. If not it may be time to move on because in the previous years people wouldn’t complain before the internet, they would just avoid a game. But in this entitled generation of gamers people feel like they are owed everything under the sun. The major thing no one is talking about is how all the new weapons make the founders weapons worthless with the exception of the sword and founders revolt because of its exclusive bullet chaining perk which is awesome for encampments and rescue the survivors. It makes being a founder a joke when the time comes that the game goes free to play. Enjoy what your playing and complain with your wallet and not your words. As always duj2… great job, peace and love.

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