1. My suggestions:
    1. 2v2s
    2. More per match
    3. Unlimited time
    4. Build saving
    5. Weapon selection
    6. Hop rocks
    7. Bots (practices)
    8. Keep inventory
    9. Sniper practice
    10. Sniper only preset
    11. Minigames
    12. Teleportation
    13. Unlimited mats

  2. Now this is a small thing but its mainly a quality of life and that is to be able to join someones game m8d game or with an invite or at least be able to spectate them

    Edit: i made this comment before watching the rest of the vid my bad

  3. Bots would be cool so you can just mess around with them and actually have fun because In solos everyone takes the game so serious and you cant mess with people and stuff so bots is a must

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