Fortnite – Max Your DPS – Crit Dmg vs Assault Dmg (Support Bonuses)

Curious about when or what you should use as a support bonus in order to maximize your DPS output while using Assault Weapons??? Here is a video showing you the two best Support Bonuses and when to use one or the other.



  1. You're making a mistake in your calculations.

    You're doing:
    This means ((Critical hit dmg×crit chance)+base dmg)×rate of fire.

    The thing you forget is that you can't add the base dmg, but you need to do
    base dmg×(1-crit chance)
    , because all hits that crit need to be subtracted from the base hits.

    For example: if your crit chance is 20% you'll hit 1 out 5 shots as a crit. This means the rest (4/5 shots) will do the base dmg. The calculation should be:

    (Crit chance×crit dmg)+(base dmg×(1-crit chance))×rate of fire

    Or ((C7×C5)+(C3×(1-C7))×C4=dps

  2. What are some good perks for legacy weapons and traps? I stopped playing sometime after Vindertech's release. I haven't really got out of Stonewood yet, so all my gear is still low level stuff.

    I've got Vindertech and legacy Founder's weapons that I'm not sure if I should convert to the new system. Some of them even have an elemental perk at level 5.

  3. When calculating crit damage – do you think they take base damage, or total damage (which includes the +24%). If only base damage is used then crit would indeed overtake flat damage. Otherwise you could consider all damage increases as that percentage crit increase as well..?

  4. Do you have an opinion for crit damage vs damage on snipers?
    The spyglass just came out and I have Crit Chance/Impact/Headshot damage x 2. However I am trying to decide if switching my crit chance to pure damage will give me better headshots.

  5. This isn't fairly crunching the numbers. Im trying to figure out which is better with ARs in partial the typewriter and bobcat. If your going to run crit dmg in support you need crit chance as a perk on your weapon and even another crit dmg. Im curious if that's better then stacking dps. I lost 5k dps on my typewriter by swapping fire rate for crit chance and I don't know if I should have. I'm at 35% chance and over 200% crit dmg

  6. This test is not accurate
    1. You did not aim so you can miss
    2. You only did leg shots
    3. Didn't test headshots or body ^
    5. Didn't use a lvl 1 hero so stats don't affect like for weapon damage or crit damage ( squad need to be lvl 30 cuz that's what he wanted to test )
    6. Moved around
    7. Advanced tactics INCREASES WEAPON DAMAGE BY 10% ( goes with 5 )
    8. Used soldier
    ^ if you wanted to test which is better use anything that doesn't weapon damage or crit damage
    ( edit ) yes my counts are wrong I'm to lazy to change It goes

  7. Is weapon perks etc incremental as in if i have 2 20% dmg buffs on my weapon does that mean 100 +20% of 100 is 120 120 + 20% of 120 is 144 or is it non incremental for example 100 +20% +20% is 140 meaning it increases off the base value not the value of the previous modifier

  8. Like a lot of things, it depends on your weapon rolls. If you've got legendary +90% Critical Damage, do that. Minmaxing is a process of stacking up as high as you can, and if you have a base like 90% Crit damage to build on, you'll get more out of that than starting with 24% Assault Weapon Damage, it's fairly simple math. (Especially if that Crit damage is on say a Sword, instead of a Light Machinegun.) Fortnight is about doing the best you can, with what you've got. Not the ideal scenario, where you have MMGR, Berserker, and über Assault Headhunter to chose from. Most players don't.

  9. There is acually such thing as too much crit severity. I have a Dragon's breath with 277.5% crit severity. It is way better if I use increased pistol damage by 24% rather than 70% more crit severity bonus even if I had 100% crit chance *Only have 25%*. So the diminishing returns on crit severity starts at 100% (2x more damage) anything more than that you'll just be loosing out on a lot of damage the higher you go. This is acually more important for you hero lovers sense you guys have self buffs like (war cry). The more base dmg you have the more affective War cry becomes. It's a multiplicity damage buff.

  10. Dose anyone have save the world code on fortnite if so can i please have a code the thing is i like fortnite but i just don't play the battle royal thing on fortnite thats why i am asking if anyone will be willing to give me a code

  11. God that was an AWFUL siege-breaker you had in the book LOL… 3 Dura rolls… why does shit like that exist in the game man… Glad My math was in the ball park.. Thanks for actually putting it down on something other than a napkin in crayon. I keep getting those questions in stream too… "Is it worth it to buy XXX" so frustrating." Anyway's you should post your DPS calc on drive and share it in the description… Awesome Vid BTW, hopefully they make it easier on us in the future with target dummies and so on!

  12. Isn't there a mistake in your graphic ? The crit damage displayed is the dmg * (critdmg in %) but isn't it supposed to be dmg*( 1 + critdmg in %) ? Critical damage (in %) is what is supposed to be added, so 50% crit damage means a crit will do 150% damage.

  13. always felt with crit chances, its 100% or go home lol. or what ever the current hard cap would be for a game. this game is super shit with percent shit any way. i have failed more 80%-99% expeditions sending out my hero's than been success full. currently at 19 failed and 4 success, not being 100%

  14. Very cool. I never crunched the numbers, but had a gut feeling the break point was around 50% crit chance. I've used Sgt Jonesy for a long time, feeling he's the best support for soldiers with assault weapons, especially the Special Forces class. The 72% increase to crit damage is kind of nuts imo. However, the 24% damage is now my go to support perk. I happen to have a Terminator with over 50% crit chance, but it does not have an elemental perk. So sometimes it takes a lot of shots to bring down elements.

    Side note, you could always throw those charts into a Google Sheets document and provide a view only link for people to click on in your description text. I do love crunching those numbers. Thanks for taking the time to do the science!

  15. Mmmm I just got urban assault remerez I've already got skull trooper jonesy I was going to upgrade urban assault for the second slot but I have got wukong so now what choices choices atm I use shurikin master Sarah in the second slot and snow stalker in the third for rucksack and the 20% ability damage it works pretty well but I was going to change Sarah for urban assault but not so sure now I've got Sargent jonesy but unless your crit chance is op as hell he is useless I tried him a few times and he didn't seem good so which one urban assault with urban assault or with wukong

  16. What about skull trooper with the headshot damage is it viable( I play pc so it’s much easier to land only headshots) assuming only headshots are hit is it better than the 24% flat damage and the 74% more crit?

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