1. Dude, you’re trash, just a dick, we’re all just trying have fun, we’re all gonna fucking die one day, don’t cheat – Maybe the only reason you cheat is cuz the amount of times you’ve won real games is equal to the amount of times you’ve had you’re lil fuckin’ boi dick sucked (never), or is that just a side effect? Or maybe your mom dropped you on your head when you were young? Maybe try that again, might knock some of those last brain cells back into function – whatever it is – my point is don’t cheat, but you’ve been told that more than you can count, which honestly doesn’t seem to be that high

  2. if u get banned using the cheat, its detected -_- dont come with shit like the anticheat is too good. If u know what your doing you can stay undetected.

  3. He just said “Its inevitable” but one says “And, I am iron man” lol sorry just gotta throw in a Endgame reference there and prob a spoiler too

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