Fortnite Complete Guide to Elements, Energy and Physical for all levels

I am demonstrating Fortnite elements and how they work and sharing the damage and calculations based on the Siegebreaker (Golden Scar). The Fortnite elemental options are primarely considered Fire, Water and Nature, but Physics is actually a categoty as well where Energy is more all round. In addition to the showcasing and calculation of energy damage against different opponents in fortnite missions, I am talking about the different husk types from blasters, takers and lobbers that never…


  1. What element should I put on my swan I was thinking of putting nature so I have a water silenced specter a fire nocturno and. The nature swan so I can’t switch and fight all enemies

  2. how do i trade without getting scammed like litterally i get scammed every second
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  3. Don’t make fun of em for this comparison but it’s like Pokemon fire is of course fire nature is grass and grass and finally physical is normal

    Normal is the same against everything

    Fire beats nature
    Fire is the same as fire
    Fire is weak to water

    Water beats fire
    Is the same against water
    Weak to nature

    Nature beats water
    Is the same as nature
    Weak to fire

    Or am I wrong ?

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