ERANGEL V2 IS COMING + New gamechanging "ledge grab" – PUBG

These changes will have a huge impact on how we play Erangel. Will it be better or worse?

Link to dev letter:

Sappheiros – Escape.mp3


  1. i am a 51 year old pubg player, sadly my eyes are not what they were back in the days of Doom, so i tend to play clever these days and for me this is a welcome development.
    I am not as keen on the increases proposed in the blue zone making games faster – for me thats a mistake and if anything i like the game zones to be slower, so i do hope the blue zone does move a lot slower so i can at least outrun it on foot, which i dont think is an unreasonable expectation, everyone ive psoken to has said the same thing, but perhaps we are all just old and slower than the younger pro players 😉
    The ledge grab looks really good and should open area up previously unusable areas of the map, which is great for everyone.
    My feeling is that a lot of people will whine their dated and frankly rubbish PC systems will stuggle with running this at a decent frame rate, but my advice is you had better look at upgrading – it is 2019 and i for one dont want to be held back from seeing pubg in all its glory to cater for people running it on a calculator frankly.
    Yoiuve all got smart phones – get a smart pc for the same money.

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