EASY HEAL WHILE MOVING – How to Bhop in Apex Legends PC/Xbox/PS4 (Apex Legends Tips)

Easy bhop and actual bhopping explained and broken down step by step in Apex Legends with keyboard and controller on screen. Learn how to bhop in Apex Legends!
Tips Playlist:
PC intro= 0:40
PC easy method = 0:58
PC full bhop = 1:37
Console intro = 3:30
Console settings = 4:05
Console easy method = 4:29
Console bhop = 5:06

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  1. How console players play Apex legends..?
    This game is so fast….Im a PC player & playing fast games is familiar for me but how console players play this FPS game on Xbox / PS… Omg…!

  2. makes me laugh because my character come to a full stop then just crouch jumps left and right…. im following the same smooth mouse movements left and right no idea whats up.

  3. Wait to do bHop on console do you have to put the controls on evolved or you can do it without because it's going to be hard to learn a whole other type of playing style. Plus I need this cuz I'm trash

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