DrDisRespect CONFIRMS Apex Legends Put BOTS in The Game! | Best Doc Moments (2/7/2019)

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  1. I know this is stupid, but i think there are actual bots. When i play solo, i can literally do like 6 to 10 kills, my teammates are decent and everything goes fine. But when i play with a friend, it feels like a total different game, literally the game will ALWAYS match you with a low level player, or with a player which always tends to be far from us, which is pretty pointless in a teamwork-based videogame. And the thing is, these players have gamertags that no one would ever pick. They are the same random name with 2 or 3 numbers at the end, and i swear, they do the most no sense and random things, like staying completely still during a fight, pinging random items that are useless or that teammates already have, and things like that. I don't even know what to think, they will randomly go and push a whole team, obviously dying. I don't even know.

  2. All the jokes aside, chinese bots are fucking rampant here in asia and they auto disconnect after advertising their cheats to morons. This shall not stand.

  3. They need to just add a fucing solo mode because im getting games with lobbies full of ad bots. Literally went from 20 squads to 11 before i hit the ground and i jump immediately.

  4. There are no bots. Champions Club is just clickbait. I won't be clicking on any more Dr or CC links. He's a good player, but his attitude sucks. I'd rather watch an average player who is down to earth, and doesn't have delusions of his own greatness.

  5. blizzard does that in their games too. especially overwatch.
    as for the lag. i noticed something. i was in one of my first games, maybe second, and lagging really bad, just in an area where nobody else was. nobody else even dropped there. my teammates had fucked off and left me. but i had fallen off a cliff and was trying to find my way back. all the sudden this guy/bot runs right to me. just runs right to me, cant see me, but runs right to me. slides over the cliff edge and instantly shoots me. i manage to kill him/it and i stop lagging. coincidence or ….?

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