DLG PUBG instantly aim/scope


step 1: search [Ulong] 4575657222461362012

Step 2: change all to 4575657000461362012

Follow me on iosgods.com (name is: csi)


  1. Hey dude , this is the only way I found to speak to you. Can you help me get an PO car pls , I saw that you have all of them , I would really appreciate if you could help me, I'm missing 5 of them , just have the McLaren and the Porsche . You are my last hope to get this cars

  2. CSI Iosgods Nice work need no recoil please do some work on that……and also wall hack please and can u tell us some repo for pubg hack and bro no recoil fast upload a video for recoil and thanks very nice work bro please leave reply on sbubrak@icloud.com and your contact email or something please leave a reply

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