DITTO CAPTURED ON VIDEO! – Ditto VS Ditto Gym Battles! – Ditto Confirmed in Pokemon GO

WE FOUND DITTO IN POKEMON GO! We caught 2 Dittos while recording our screen in Pokemon GO! We took Ditto to a Gym to see what it’s like when Ditto fights against other Pokemon! Then we made 2 Dittos fight each other! Ditto is now confirmed in Pokemon GO!


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  2. I still have my Ditto in a gym that usually switches hourly and it's almost been 19 hours. About to head to the gym and see what's happening. I got mine as a zubat. I thought it was because it's raining here in Tennessee and nobody was outside. lol

  3. A-whatup guys! I'm doing an update and Q&A video soon to welcome all the new subscribers to the channel, talk about upcoming videos, and answer your questions! Leave any questions you have in the comments or on my Twitter page with the hashtag! #MCQnA

  4. Here from the Trainer Tips shout out from
    Nick. 🙂

    When battling a gym, against a ditto, I put in a low mon, that has the same weaknesses as the majority of the other mons in the gym, and then I switch it out after the transformation, to a different mon to beat it.

    Also, a ditto is the same for everyone. My daughter caught ditto from a rattata last night, and I went back to catch it too.

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