Dan's Farfetch'd Quest in Hong Kong – Pokemon GO! #3

Dan gets moist hunting for a region-specific Farfetch’d in Hong Kong while Phil dies in bed.
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  1. dan: phil is just gonna laugh at me, isn’t he? he’s just gonna cough and laugh at me
    phil’s reaction when dan didn’t catch a farfetch’d: oh noo! you can share my farfetch’d!
    what a pure and precious boi

  2. Honestly, Dan dripping sweat is me anytime I go outside in the summer, because here in Indiana, where I live it gets hot as FUCKKKK!!!!!
    S'why I hate going outside tbh.

  3. i’ve had pokémon go for one day and i caught three of those kangaskhan things wtf (i wasn’t allowed to watch/play pokémon as a kid and had no idea wtf i was doing)

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