Daequan First Time on Console! He's SHOCKED by OP Aim Assist!- Fortnite Best and Funny Moments

Daequan plays Fortnite for the first time with a controller on console and is shocked by how OP aim assist is! This video also showcases the best and funniest fortnite clips of today!


Intro Music:
Track: Arc North – Meant To Be (feat. Krista Marina)

Outro Music:
Track: The Brothers Records – Chase


Fortnite Players in this video:



  1. Hopefully this gets pinned but listen PC players complain but they have a fucking mouse were literally playing on plastic and is funny cuz even with aim assist PC aim is still better I hate it cuz PC players don't know about controller they just say it's op from some clips aim assist is actually trash now it's still working but it's trash now just wanted everyone to know btw this is a fact not an option and. For all the salty PC players seeing this shut the actual fuck up before you reply to this

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