Cyber Hunter Disappointing Comparison to Pubg | Honest Review

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  1. You're biased, buddy. Gamers and their tastes are subjective. Some prefer realism while others like a Fantasy theme. I'm guessing people with a certain kind of taste for cyber-fantasy will like this one.

  2. Cyberhunter is best it is the mixing of pubg, fortnite , apexlegends its cool haa pubg pahala vala version season 2 vs cyber hunter season 2 compare karoo cyberhunter pahalaa ayyathoo pubg ? ayya hootha Maya pubg kaltata peribi gliches hackers or bugs atta thaa maa pubg koo bolughaa player unknown bugs and gliches

  3. Your opinion is bullshit …. PUBG is more realistic with every single things especially with guns … CH is futuristic game …u can observe this easily if you r not blind !!! Do some study about games before comparing

  4. Bhai cyber hunter 0.1.0 version hai aur pubg 0.12.0 hai tum ager 1 sal ke bache ko 12 sal ke bache se compare karo ge tou kese chalega new update ayen ge simple si bath hai cyber hunter awesome game ban ja yega

  5. A game is not popular because of its realistic graphics it's popular when it's unique and if it's easy to understand the controls of the game Graphics, character design and details are also important but the main thing about the game is the controls and unique concept so don't say that a game is popular because of its graphics it's popular because of its uniqueness

  6. Vai tu chup kar yar… Pubg realistic hay or cyber hunter futuristic … Or rhi bat khelne me… May dono hi khelti hun… Don't comparison between those… Bohot fark hay dono may.. idiot?

  7. Your review is biased and your comparison is bull.
    Both games are different.
    PUBG is more realistic.
    CH is more futuristic.
    PUBG when came out had so many issues and now it's been a year and they still haven't fixed the bugs.
    CH has issues too but it still new. Unfair comparison ??
    PUBG me you can only run jump and hide.
    CH has different set of skills and weapons that makes gameplay more challenging.
    PUBG is not famous because it's more realistic, it's famous because it's the first battle royale game that is actually stable on Mobile. So saying that people like more realistic gameplays is stupid.
    In my opinion CH is better now. PUBG needs to fix the game to be no.1 again.

  8. ye gadha mobile ke alawa kuch ni khela ha . iske channel ke nam se jan pd rha . aur ye bol rha ki realistic ni ha cyber hunter. abe ghonchu kaha likha ha ki ye bht hi realistic game ha. ye fortnite ka copy ha pr bnaye acha ha. nam bi suna ha kbi fortnite ka chutiye ?.

  9. Dev bhai game ka gameplay achcha hona chahiye. Realistic ho ya na ho. Koi farak nahi padta. Fortnite itna popular pc aur PS4 par isliye hua kyuki uska gameplay achcha tha. Apex legends bhi itna realistic nahi hai. Voh cyber hunter se thoda zyaada realistic bas 5-10% only. Sirf graphics ki wajah se. Gameplay uska bhi itna kuch realistic nahi hai. Game Ko game ki tarah hi hona chahiye. Not to say vo realistic nahi ho sakte. But itne realistic games mobile kyu chahiye. Realistic matlab gameplay wise. Iski animation bekar hain. Animation realistic hi honi chahiye. Fortnite me jab player jump karta hai ypto animation quality achchi Hoti hai na s woh. I hate when people say games agar cartooni agar itne se bhi cartooni hain pubg se to bekar hain. Yeh game high end devices par achcha lagta hai. But low end par, ek dam bekar. Redmi note 5 pro is not very great so it is in the category of low end phones now. (Because it's processor is very outdated)

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