Cresselia Raid Guide May '19 | Pokemon GO

Cresselia is back in the raid pool until June 18th. While this is kind of lame for many, for Shiny Hunters and PvP Lords this is quite the opportunity! That’s right, Shiny Cresselia is a possibility now and Cress is still PvP viable. This video will cover how to best beat Cresselia, giving details on the Trio and Quad challenge raids, and will go over Cresselia’s PvP viability. All in all, it’s a fairly difficult fight and in PvP it’s pretty solid in the Ultra League.



  1. Hey when you get to Groudon/Kyogre can you go over mixed Roserade (GK/SB) (both), Mixed Zapdos (TS-ZC/TB) (kyogre), and any other possibly relevant mixed mon?

  2. Question: Is Tangrowth a good grass type investment for Kyogre and Groudon? I have a 100% Level 25 Tangrowth that I’m wondering if I should take to Level 30+ for those two raids.

  3. Pleased to see you are following my advice on a previous video and marking the horizontal axis now! Very helpful video. Two cresselia raids for me so far and one shiny. Cant be bad

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