Made by DolphinDom
Build Help by Apparently_Able

Cops and Robbers – 4650-5951-3387

I made this cops and robbers map in dedication to the old team crafted and how they used to always play this back in the day. But, as of now I made it for the pack, because it would be really nice to see the group back together again and I know Bajan has been wanting to play a Cops and Robbers map and I’m hoping this meets his needs. Along with Jerome, Vikk, Preston, Rob, and Lachlan.

This took me about 18…


  1. I really like this map because it looks exactly like the Minecraft cops n robbers map that i remember skydoesminecraft played and i found all the secret places on my own its just so cool because it brings back memories! ❤ thanks alot for making this! ❤

    Edit: I went back 2 years in your videos and found the minecraft cops n robbers video! I Knew It!

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