Cliff play guide for Pokemon GO | Tips & tricks | Buy Rocket Radars in shop

In this video I’ll be going over my personal tips on how to beat Rocket leader Cliff
▪️When to use charge moves
▪️How to freeze the opponents Pokémon
▪️My personal pokémon combinations

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  1. No Unova Stones in all my breakthrughs! Now defeated all the TR bosses and still only got 1 Unova Stone from the paid event. The rng in Go is so ridiculous so I'm really fed up now and is taking a long break from Go. When you never feel you almost never get rewarded for your efforts then a game is no fun. Next week will hopefully be more fun playing Sword & Shield instead.

  2. The one thing which I always play first is a regirock, as I can usually get off 3 charge moves on each and have a little health left. It makes up for a great cheap opener to waste shields.

  3. Off topic can somebody please friend my mom lol 6369 2127 2687. She only has 2, me and my niece so the experience, balls and 100k distance trades would help her a ton. I jack her phone here and there to make sure she's opening and sending 😂

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