Charm Wigglytuff is a BEAST in pvp Pokemon GO | New pvp gameplay w/ Charm

With the new update to PVP as well as lots of new moves added to the game, the PVP scene has been shaking up.
▪️Charm Wigglytuff gameplay
▪️How good is Charm for Jungle Cup?

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  1. As soon as I hatched a shiny Igglypuff, I evolved it to Wigglypuff and powered it for the Great League without looking at any data.. man that it sucked bad. Glad that my investment isnt so bad now

  2. if you are showing pvp sample battles please do not use a shield so that we can see how much damage the enemy charge is. You keep on shielding everytime and we cant even see how much damage the charge moves have.

  3. the new switch method is 100% realistic. If pokemon was real, and you had a bad set-up, you would put ur pokemon back in the ball as fast as you possibly could, then think a bit for which pokemon to use…its realistic..

  4. It's funny when I first started I unlocked the second move on wigglytuff just cause I thought he was good then I found out it sucked but now the return on my investment has paid off wahoo wigglytuff

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