BloodHound Advanced Guide! | 5 Tips to Win More Games! – Apex Legends

Master the art of scouting and tracking your enemies with this advanced BloodHound guide! 5 quick tips to start winning more games.
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Hey Guys! hope you enjoyed this quick guide, if it helped you make sure to subscribe to the channel for more guides like this. ALSO if you want any guides made for apex, leave a comment down below and i will get to it as soon as i can.
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  1. Greatest combo of all time: bloodhound and Gibraltar. Bloodhound uses his beast of the hunt to find a squad, then tells gibraltar. Gibraltar uses his airstrike on the squad. Boom! Squad wipe.

  2. Honestly I main wraith and bloodhound and I find both hero’s I always want either a shot gun or smg as my secondary. I always play with a Bangalore so when they pop smoke if I don’t have digital threats you pop bloodhounds ult and you can see enemies bright as day and just dive in the smoke with a peacekeeper or R-99! That being said as a primary I almost always use either the wingman or any of the 3 snipers including g7 with bloodhound as the g7 is great for medium range

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