BEST Pokemon GO Battery Bank? // Battery Pack Review

Could this be the BEST Pokemon GO battery bank? Follow me as I go on a 2-mile walk to catch ’em all and see how well I can preserve my battery life!

The ZeroLemon SolarJuice 10000mAh Dual USB Port Portable Solar Battery Charger Outdoor Solar Power Charger is the ULTIMATE battery bank and phone charger for Pokemon GO players!

Battery Bank:
– CA

All-In-One USB Cable:
– UK…


  1. yea solar battery banks are just gimmicks. youre just better off finding a higher capacity power bank for the same money.

    Most power bank batteries are usually 3.7v while the usb outputs 5v. the key word is "most."

    assuming this bank does use a 3.7v battery,the general rule of thumb is divide the capacity by 3 then multiply by 2 as 3.7v truly run at about 2/3s efficiency. so in this case 10k/3=3.3k. 3.3k*2= 6.6k. so realistically youd get up to 6600mah of actual charge and at thats 100% efficiency which is never the case,but its a good benchmark.

    to put it into perspective a 10000mah bank from a reputable company can charge a dead iphone 6s 3 times with a bit of extra juice left.

    For a dead samsung galaxy s7 edge…almost 2 times. And no that doesnt mean iphone is better because a 10000mah powerbank can charge it more times…it just means that the s7 edge has a much larger battery.

  2. I have similar size solar panel, it outputs 6V & 20mA (in real test no direct sunlight), after math & test on my I phone, it takes 3 days to fully charge 1400mah battery. To charge 10k mAh battery it would be around 7 times longer = 21 Days nonstop sunlight.

    Im just saying, dont bother with the solar, just buy a normal power bank.

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