Best Bloodhound Guide – Apex Legends



  1. Keep it up bro 🙂 really helpful tips 🙂 have some suggestions
    Could u please uplod the video with higher quality?
    Also making your mic more smoother that would be better <3

    Thanks for the tips really helpful i hope u will keep it up 🙂 subbed

  2. Use it to flank that's what added speed is for don't rush them head on. I've gotten 7 wins first day today I'm working on the 4th. Bangalore and this is op lol my brother uses it very effectively.

  3. I love bloodhound. So far I've gotten 2 wins in 2 just due to having his ult in endgame

    A tip from me (though I'm by no means a great player) make sure you have the ult late on in the game cos it really helps finding the last teams in the small circles
    However, if your in a fight and it may change the odds in your favour, 100% use it. It won't help if ur dead.

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