Asphalt 9 Multiplayer – Reaching LEGEND with the CAMARO! [9 Epic Sequential Races!]

Don’t have the Porsche Cayman this MP series? Don’t fret, Camaro is easy to obtain, max, and is pretty good in MP with good speed and excellent nitro! Handling/Acceleration isn’t so bad too!

Here I show the last 9 races I did to reach Legend League with my dummy account. No, I will not be using the Maxed Hemi Scat to reach top 50, or top 100 – I will leave those rewards for those of you who deserve it 🙂


  1. Wait how do you not have the 718 cayman unlocked? I have way crappier cars in other classes like class A and class B and class S than you but i have the 718 cayman and the 3 star dse tense

  2. One of my teammates pulled off getting into legends after watching your video with his camero. How sneaky though how many clubs are you secretly in without the members knowing. You were in Cobra Kai , Veteran, and Pbjamnation lol are you scouting for your many pro clubs.

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