Asphalt 9 Multiplayer – HACKING vs SHORTCUTS: Which is faster?

Funny race I had today. Can’t believe this guy with 10 accounts was never banned in Asphalt 8, now he is back at it in Asphalt 9 haha

Shortcuts matter so much in Asphalt 9.


  1. Hello, I'm Italian, forgive my English, your tongue. So, what do you think your rival is cheating? from the fact that it has a car with a low grade? from the player score? p.s I have always suspected that some lone wolf club players cheated.I congratulate you for the great race, you are very strong good

  2. ????????????????????????????????????????????????, A legendary Racer is in front us here, you are unique, beating a Racer when he using a hack(unlimited nitro) and winning in the last moment, that very (something more than legendary).

  3. Believe me, these nitro hack was totally bullied in hack forum, I've seen lot many comments who cursed the script on mp and leaderboard event, they've said "nitro and timer hack it's just bunch of people who use our code in greedy ways" lmfao in hack forum they're use this cheat to farm in career

  4. That's why I keep playing Asphalt 8 than 9 even though the game is in store now, but it still has possibilities to change right? So just play A9 and wait as loyal as you do in A8 :>

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