Asphalt 9 – McLaren P1 – Ancient Ruins – 1:00.813

Hi guys! Check this very nice lap I achieved yesterday evening which gave me the final top 1 🙂

Song: Last Heroes – Dimensions

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  1. Hello Mr.Alex. I Know People say Look at this guy go or Epic Run and stuff like We Need to Nurf him? all of these are understatements You Are Amazing Beyond all of our imagination And Yes there May Be Better Players Than You. BUT UNLIKE THEM YOU PUT SOO SOOO MUCH WORK AND EFFORT For Us and we love What You do for us. Carry On Making These Epic Runs with Epic Music With a Extraordinary Italian Driver.. YOU Are Lucky as well as others to be part of that Small Group Of Elite Aliens and Legends in Our Hearts.. RpM Would Never Be the same With Out You. The Asphalt Community Wont Be The Same Without You.. ??

  2. Alex tu veramente sei incredibile! Riesci a farmi sembrare magnifico anche un gioco che non mi piace ? Questo giro è veramente fantastico (è ormai 3 anni che ho finito gli aggettivi da attribuire alle tue gare ?)! Congratulazioni ??

  3. Whenever I watch Alex it makes me feel bad because I think I’m good then I see his runs. But then I remember I’m part of RpM so I get happy again 🙂

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