Asphalt 9: Legends – Redefining Mobile Racing

Asphalt 9: Legends – Real-Time Graphics Showcase

Powered by the custom-built Jet Engine.

Running at constant 60 FPS on high-end mobile devices.

Screen caption by order of appearance:
• Emissive Soft Particles
• Parallax and Screen Space Reflection
• Diffuse Lighting: Baked GI and Spherical Harmonics
• HDR lighting and Tone mapping
• Advanced lighting effects: Sun rays, Bloom, Local Reflections
• Enhanced PFX weather
• Advanced lighting effects: Sun rays, Bloom, Local…


  1. I swear compared to PC racing games , this is the best racing game ever created 8 and 9 , because of all the stunts , PVP action and map design , and other people complain about collision… Yet Asphalt suggests otherwise , do anything to takeover against your opponent.

    Gameloft you are doing something right.

  2. If you guys just play this game for the graphics, go outside, or just go to Instagram and sees the beautiful pictures of the supercars. This game is a p2w shitfest with awful controls and laughable singleplayer and physics. Just play Gear.Club, that game has shittier graphics, but a way better gameplay mechanics, or RR3, or Grid Autosport if you use iOS.

  3. One of the best games ever , the way they've handled lootboxes and shop is awesome too, game's much more rewarding with tons of opportunities like daily event, car specific events ,car specific packs to buy ( from in-game tokens which are fairly easy to get), tournament competition ,car hunt etc etc.
    I never thought I would acknowledge a supply drop based game ,but this game is so fun, satisfying and rewarding to play.
    The people saying this game is pay to win in utter nonsense.
    I'm around 2 months in this game and have unlocked 80% cars and maxxed 30% of em.

    It's way different than A8 and a very worthy successor.

  4. Gameloft stealing people's game progress! It's happened to me on asphalt 8 game! They telling you to contact their customer care and when you do,they don't do anything.They are frauds and scammers.

  5. This is kind of bullshit. What they don't tell you is if you want these features you aren't getting 60fps even on the latest phones, you get 30 capped when you switch graphics from default to high

  6. A HUGE mistake ever made i didn't know Gameloft going to do this mistake
    1st what's wrong with control its so not understand fully why and card wow so worst than worst Asphalt 8 so much better even in offline mode with supported game pad i hop you'll solve these huge mistakes you've made Thanks

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