Asphalt 9 – Hyikun vs Alex – Crazy MP Race

Hi guys! Check this crazy MP race against the current best Asphalt 9 player! I made (as him) many mistakes but still I was able to stay close to him until the end when something crazy happened!

Hope you enjoy

Song: Dino – Mountkid

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  1. GL dovrebbe regolare un pochino meglio la questione degli schianti, è assurdo che, per caso o conoscendo i punti giusti, qualcuno riesca a guadagnare metri sugli avversari schiantandosi, così come è ingiusto ritrovarsi teletrasportato molti metri indietro in altri punti dei vari percorsi, ad esempio se ti schianti alla fine di un salto lungo 5 secondi ti ritrovi catapultato a 30 metri prima della rampa del salto

  2. Hello
    Please please help me.
    I wanted to buy a big ticket pack from exclusive deal in Asphalt 8.
    I tried to buy it for three time every time it decreased my money but it didn't give me the package.
    I lost 233000 credits.
    Finally i could buy it with my fourth try.
    How can i ask for my credits?
    Please help me.

  3. Hi guys! Cool race! Indeed, Asphalt 9 is a game where cars are moving at such a pace that we have to use local prediction to foresee what happens to other players between split second frames. In this case, Hyikun sama didn't wreck on his screen. So on Alex's screen, he was restored to his real physical position. This is not something we can fix unless we stop all players as soon as their ping is higher than say 30ms. The alternative is to make people wreck when their predicted path makes them wreck on other players' screens. That is definitely not an option. 🙂

  4. Man… the choice between "what car should I choose for MP?!" is very limited I can't even use beginner class A car (Aston Martin Vulcan) in this season. Since I spend a lot of coins for that beast.

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