Asphalt 8: Airborne – Asphalt 9 Championship – French Guiana Finale

This next Asphalt 8 gameplay is another gameplay of the Volkswagen Golf Design Vision GTI (Class C Car), taking place at the Asphalt 9 Championship at the Grand Finale in French Guiana.

The Asphalt 9 Championship consists of two locations: Barcelona and French Guiana.

There are no cars to be rewarded within Asphalt 8. The following rewards, however, will be transferred into Asphalt 9:

– 50,000 Cr. + 100 Tokens
– Volkswagen XL Sport Concept

Those above are for completing all the Main…

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  1. There will NOT be an Asphalt 8 video of the Final Ultimate AI of the McLaren 720S Prime Time World Tour. I'm currently at around 11 million Cr. and I'm trying to save up and farm for more for future Events.

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