Apex Legends Tournament Mode (Custom Lobbies)

Thanks for watching! In this video I cover #ApexLegends Tournament Mode Custom Lobbies and what we know! Drop a like if you enjoyed the video!


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  1. Im pretty sure Tournament Mode is just Private Match Beta and not custom games. Its there for ppl to scrim and practice with [and also let 3rd parties host their own tourneys] other teams, not change the game, loot and spawn settings.

  2. Why don’t you talk about how broken the game is after the update ?? Cut off from running 80% of the time cut off from resing teammates and reviving them 80% percent of the time canceled aim , I couldn’t even enjoy the gold gun duos why is this not being addressed !??

  3. Apex is currently experiencing issues with different actions. Reviving teammates cuts off at random times, that icludes reviving downed & dead teammates. Sprinting and wall climbing stop shortly after enabled at random times as well. All on ps4, servers have been lagging as well. Please like if your experiencing the same issues.

  4. can someone help me. im a pc player and it seems like they removed Sprint toggle. so i have to always hold the shift key and it kinda hurts my movement.

    tel me if its a glitch, or if u have any fix for it.

  5. There should be a way to do tornis with just low skilled players so we can have fun too. I stand no chance with sweats and I'd like a shot against people on my skill level

  6. If you’re ADS with a sniper or something and then try to ping, 50% of the time the ping marks your location instead of where you wanted to ping… knew they couldn’t go one update without a new bug

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