APEX LEGENDS – Top 5 Ways to Improve (HOW TO WIN/ GET BETTER) Tips and Tricks Apex Battle Royale

Today I teach you 5 ways you can improve in Apex Legends (2019), like how to WIN in Apex Legends, how to get better in Apex Legends, & Tips and Tricks for Apex Legends Battle Royale!

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GPU – EVGA GTX 1070 SC (
MOBO – Asus TUF B450M (
CPU – AMD Ryzen 7 2700X (
PSU – EVGA GQ 750W 80+…


  1. I watched your csgo vids 3 years ago but then you stopped uploading, then 11 months ago you posted 3 videos and now you haven't posted for 2 months. Please post consistently because I loved your vids.

  2. i feel you man great video man i love this game i found something i am good at i do die but better then fortnite lol hard to find good squad hate playing with random people that leave you and all need a friend lol

  3. You ignored me in your last vid 🙁 like to undo
    Edit – Im rly fooken happy that you're back and it would be amazing if I could play a game of Counter Strike with you. You're the best 🙂

  4. Your slightly as I g on communication because I don't have a headset while Playing and drop up to 10 kills a game and win majority of my games

  5. Great video bud, been taking in a lot of time to watch different tips videos and it really makes a difference in knowing your stuff!
    Apex is a welcomed addition to this genre! Really works just well! Keep up the content man!

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