Apex Legends on RTX 2060 Benchmarks, Can a RTX 2060 run Apex Legends

Apex Legends on RTX 2060 Benchmarks (RTX 2060 run Apex Legends in 4k)
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  1. Very informative! But I am having very poor performance from my EVGA RTX 2060 SUPER XC when I am in a gun fights I am lucky to get 30-40FPS running Apex on all low settings. I have a similar setup with same processor and RAM. Its very odd because its the only game where I get such crap performance.

  2. Nice benchmark ive watched a lot of your videos and I decided to be a constant supporter I really believe you will reach 100k subs before the end of the year. I would play with u but I dont own a pc but if you want we can play some clash royal 😃

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