Apex Legends New Character "Nomad" Teaser Found!

Thanks for watching!! In this video I cover the Apex Legends New Character Nomad Teaser that was found recently! I also show off all of the Apex Nomad leaks and teasers that hint towards Nomad coming in the future! Subscribe for daily Apex Legends Updates, News, Gameplay, Tips and More!! Drop a like if you enjoyed the video!

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  1. A legend with shield regeneration and slow health regeneration he or she can place a big robot thatt heals health and shield his side ability can be sentry guns low ammo damage but he can place 2 at a time
    Idk might sound like shit to some ppl but if the bullets are small damage thats kinda good its gotta have a radius tho

  2. Personally I would like to see a Pilot legend added to the roster. His abilities center around advanced movements (wallrun and double jump), Pilot sentry as Tactical and Ultimate can be Weapon amp for the whole squad or Titan Support

  3. Does anyone else notice that in every one of these videos he always shows “leaked files” i feel like the developers and game creators we hear that people are getting in the files and like fix that!! Sketchy?

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