Apex Legends Is a Huge Hit… That I'm Not Going to Play

I’ve had a lot of people get mad at me because I refuse to download and play Apex Legends, since it’s FTP. This is my rationale behind my decision. Coach talks…



  1. I know this is the biggest game going right now, but I'm simply not going to play it. This apparently is just too much for some people to handle based on many conversations I've had in the last week or so online.
    Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to play Metro Exodus 😉

  2. Again coach your right on . The smart ones who are on board with the EA boycott. I salute you guys. And you other gamers… Slow learners just like to get kicked by that EA mule. Coach is right. Listen to HIM.

  3. all im saying is ea doesn't own the game well didn't make it but they don't make the updates fuck em ea is shit taken 5 hours for me for them to solve my issue but who gives a fuck im here to have fun on how good respawns good game ea buys it so it ghets more popular and earns more money if it gets more popular GOOD

  4. This logic makes absolutely zero sense. In fact it isn’t even a logical train of thoughts. People boycotted EA Bc they launched full price games with thousands of dollars in mtx with a full price game that would take thousands of hours to grind out. Battlefront and BFV being the recent big ones. So EA going free to play where literally nothing gives you any advantage what so ever in mtx is perfectly reasonable. Is it still loot boxes? Yes. Is that really an issue from a gameplay stand point? No. You’re boycotting something for a reason that doesn’t even hold true. It’s a company that needs to make money. I have no issues with that and neither should you. The game has a completely different money system than any other game so far. If anything people should praise a game Bc it’s not money grabbing. Which apex isn’t. Will it be. Of course it will but it’s not like you have to do jack shit to be the best. Are their two legends that take 10 hours to unlock. Yes but 10 hours is not a grind nor is it unreasonable. EA is finally getting away from full price games that have add ons, see bfv since they did away with paid DLC and full price games where you have to buy stuff to have an equal footing in the game. Apex is a good game. Apex has a good monitory system. Like all online boycotts you’ve forgotten why you were boycotting and starting becoming anti company. EA clearly has changed its views on how to make money. Bc full price half assed games clearly weren’t working and full priced games that have a shit ton of MTX weren’t either. Take your free game with literally zero advantage to even paying a dollar and thank EA and give them credit for actually changing. If you’re reaction to this is you’re just some EA shilling NPC let me ask you this. What’s wrong with this game? If you’re answer is Bc EA made it then you really don’t have an answer to the question. If it’s Bc it’s BR well again that’s what’s popular right now. I’m sure people said the same things about new genres when they came out too. Honestly ask yourself what about this game is bad.

  5. First of all forget EA support respawn this is their game the devs said EA had nothing to do with it smh I'll support respawn because they put so much effort into their games so imo I think you're taking a stand on the wrong game you should boycott anthem

  6. EA has not gotten so much as a look from me in the past ten years, specifically because every time you even look at these "brands" you give them ammunition to continue with the business practices they perpetuate. they see views as interest and I am not interested in their business tactics. and that falls in line with ALL triple A publishers they all are following the same business model and it just isn't worth my time and money. If anyone wants to look at games look at new up and coming game publishers and help move them in the direction that would be fantastic from a gaming point of view, and not a corporate/shareholder view. Triple-A has gotten far too massive to put out anything that is 1) actually fun 2) worth spending time and money on playing 3) costs 15 times more than what it should. I prime example of this. the average new game 5 years ago was like 20 bucks and you got an actual solid copy of it to have and to hold till death do you part. now you only get a digital copy which costs them nothing to make, a billion copies digitally still only cost the price of the one copy to make there is no it cost more to make games, so how did it get to 60 bucks for a game you don't have a solid copy of. it doesn't cost more to make it costs more to pay CEO bogus bonus and salary and corporations all have boards of money syphons, there is your money in action.

  7. I can fairly see your point, and don't really mind it. I just gotta say, it seems only fair to give credit, where credit seems due. And this is by far the only Battle Royal based game, I've come back to play again. It's fun, it captures that feeling I imagine others have enjoying battle royals, but with it's own niche. As gaming stands, singling out EA won't do all that much, you've gotta nail a few on the head, and with a wide enough margin, to see a real change. I think you should atleast try Apex, if nothing else, to form your own opinion on the game as it stands by playing with it's mechanics yourself. Learn how they run the XP and loot system. See what your real opinion on Apex is, as a game. It's really the first BR game, that I've enjoyed personally. I like the format of the characters, the map itself, and the gunplay. The downside I'm feeling is the rewards and purchase system, along with the roster's limited size. EA atleast didn't charge for the game, and they really could have, but it wouldn't have been nearly the blockbuster it is right now. I think having a critical eye on Apex would be nice. I don't like it to the degree some people do, as it stands it is just a BR game, that's it. So I think there needs to be hard, and critical eyes on it. I think you're as good a person to do it as any. Weather you choose to change your mind or not, Apex is swallowing up all the other BR's right now, just in sheer fun actually found in playing. You can pick a character, and get good at them. Work to unlock things you like on them. I think having a voice or two to chime in on these grinds, would be nice. I think Respawn deserves atleast a little credit, even though they're chained to the EA name right now. That's not exactly something Respawn themselves can help this moment, I'm sure.

    I'm pretty sure you need to grind to level 23 to have the points needed to unlock a single new character without paying. This rook me a pretty short time, realistically, after finding a character i enjoyed, and getting familiar with how to play the game. I've unlocked the roster to play with, and after that there's nothing to use the ingame free currency for, along with this you only get the crafting mats you need to forge skins, banner trackers, and other cosmetics, are only obtainable through that lovely gamble system of buying loot-boxes, or leveling for loot-boxes, after a certain level, you only get a loot box every other level. I don't really mind if you stick to your guns and choose not to support EA, but at the same time it's a crux against respawn as well, and I think respawn does deserve some credit on this game, while being able to look at the part that's clearly the EA cancer in Apex, and call it out for what it is. That's only my opinion, to each their own. This game is likely a flash in the pan, a golden goose I could see EA killing, for the meat off the goose instead of the gold from it's eggs.

  8. Anyone playing it is a pos gamer……. ye dont care about the reasons ….the fact is the EA stock recovered and its clear that it is positive for EA…. so every future bs from EA is on these sheeps…. GG idiots

  9. I’ve been boycotting EA and Activision for over two years now. The unfortunate truth is that those of us who actually boycott are too much of a minority to matter, and people’s convictions are lacking these days(to say the least)which means that minority is never going to increase in any meaningful way in the future.
    So while I will still rarely buy their games, I’m burnt on the boycott. Gonna pick up Anthem next week.
    I will still never preorder but being one of very few fighting the good fight gets old.
    It seems the only thing that makes them correct bad behavior in the slightest is when they YouTube reviewers get loud about shady shit they are pulling. So I’ll leave it to you YouTube titans of industry to fix gaming.

  10. I never understood why people question someone else’s decision on something as if that person doesn’t know what’s good for themselves or doesn’t know what they want. To me, it’s just proof that the people questioning have an adamant behavior of converting another to the hive-mind. Their “concern” is a facade when it’s all for the collective and not for you.

  11. I'm not playing it because Titanfall 3 got canned for this cash in crap. I never played the first one until I played the second but I love the series. I'm not going to support the game because that shows its okay to kill off a main line entry to cash in on the br trend. Also they go the "inclusive" route and go full SJW with their characters that automatically makes me not want to support them.

  12. You know what pisses me off the most about this game, they ended the war we got invested in with a fucking text wall, two games of the same conflict, ends it with a text wall of a battle royal game, fuck me foe getting invested, t least blisk is still alive, thats something, at least we know John Cooper didnt kill him in a climatic battle with him or vice versa

  13. While im glad the og mw creators were actually successful w a new ip, shooters nowadays are dead to me. Especially battle royales. Fortnite was good fun when it was still new and unheard of, but when popularity rose it lost it's charm. Cant just jump into a lobby and have fun, now you gotta sweat your ass off just play. I still go back and play mw2 and halo reach every once and awhile, but between the lack of creativity and greedy practices of companies, i cant fw any new shooter. The fact that mw4 is even a thing 8 years after 3 proves that. And a remaster of mw2 even though the game doesnt look dated in the slightest? That's a dub, this isnt like halo 2 where the game looks ancient and the online servers are shut down. No reason to remaster it, the player base will be dead within a month and theyll be begging for a waw or bo1 remaster next. It's all unrelated, but the cod community is deadass the definition of insane, especially after how bad bo4 fell on it's face. They couldnt put effort into shitty microtransactions, let alone a finished game.

  14. Why would you play a game engineered to sell valueless content? But then again, what else is on the market that is any different? Metro Exodus is a hot mess of bugs and broken AI. Atrocious savegame implementation. A nuisance to play if anything.

  15. well as long as you've played any game that was multi player then you already played this. Give it a week of jumping shooting hiding go to edge of map turn around rinse repeat. They will get bored whether they admit it or not.

  16. Its a free to play though, its fucking free EA they O us free game play its damn good too.
    And hey all those game packs you bought from Madden , you deff deserve a free EA Game
    Im Hooked too Axiom Verge right now so ive only played a bit of it.
    Your lose not theres . You miss out for what 1 person on a 60 man game come on dude

  17. Multi-player games suck, are boring, have no story and all you do is run around and do the same friggin thing from the minute you start till the minute your done. Every single one of them is the exact same bullshit. Just different looking characters in a different town running around non stop doing the same shit all day long. No story or clue why u even bother besides you obviously have nothing better to do. You cant judge a game good cause it has 10 million people playing at the same time. 9,999,001 are probably 15 years old or younger and wouldn't know what a real game was if it bit them in the ass. Running around doing the same shit no matter what the game is called with no story is not a good game. Anthem- Apex Legends- Fortnite- Battle Royale this game- whats the difference? Id really like to know. Shoot Hide Fly through the air. I'd add more but I already typed everything you do in every multi player game.

  18. The game is pretty fun, but gets old real quick. A lot of no life kids on it mastering the fucking thing. When the game was out for only a few days, there were already people with 50+ hours on it. It gets old, because it's the same thing every time. You land, grab some gear and quickly find a fight, because if you don't, some way better players will be left at the end and all your scavenging will be pointless. Anyway, eventually you die and then you restart the whole process. I can't play it for hours and hours on end like other people. That is why I call them no lifers.
    The game is pretty fun for a couple of hours. No micro transactions yet, but since it is EA, I have a feeling that it won't be like that for long. Of course there's cosmetics, but I don't give a shit about that.
    Supposedly there was controversy about the developers pandering to the lgbt community, but personally I don't care. I was not aware of it before watching a few vids and even after the fact, I don't care. I don't think about it while playing.

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