Apex Legends – Fight Or Fright Trailer Review

Just wanted to do a short video talking about the Fight Or Fright trailer that dropped today. See you all in Kings Canyon again tomorrow. 🙂

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  1. Apparently if you change your PC or console date to October 31 you can go into the Halloween update a little early. Pack drops and game mode is still disabled

  2. These abilities are better than the data mines ones from a few months ago. A lateral dash has been the one ability I’ve been hoping comes to the game so this is absolutely perfect to me. Plus I have a bad habit of running with my gun put away to often so that passive is perfect to me. Super hyped if this actually happens this way.

  3. Can’t wait for Wraith, Path, and Rev squads. I’ve got some hope for him immediately post event, but not much after the 1 week mark. We’ll see what becomes of it though!

  4. Ew I thought revanents abilities were gonna be cooler. He literally is just Skye and Cassie from Paladins combined. What happened to thme cool abilities you talked about?

  5. It seems that it’s a PvPvE mode considering there’s a challenge based around killing the loot bin spiders you mined and zombies. So you definitely weren’t COMPLETELY wrong my man!

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